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Metal Reclamation is a responsible way to dispose of manufacturing by-products.

With a renewed focus on responsible environmentally acceptable manufacturing practices, simply treating certain waste as scrap metal is becoming less acceptable. Before the material you scrap becomes labeled as 'hazardous waste', a recycling process should be put in place.

As part of the Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials customer care program, Electronic, PCB and other precision metals users can take advantage of a safe, efficient solder reclaim service that will help companies meet the environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing the return on their solder waste.

Solder Reclaim Dross Bucket images= Controlled collection and reprocessing of Lead and Lead-Free solder scrap "Cradle to Grave"

  Conformance to state and Federal regulations.

  ISO-14001 certified facilities.

  Certificate of recycling.

 Metal containers supplied for the scrap collection.

Our full-service reclamation process offers accurate analysis and the highest possible yield from solder scrap. All operations are compliant with local and federal regulations and allow our customers to gain the best recovery value along with the assurance of environmentally safe conversion for reuse.


What do we accept for recycling?  

 Solder Paste Waste-This would include solder paste and waste materials generated in the use of solder paste including solder paste jars, containers, syringes, cartridges, wipes, rags, paper towels, and gloves.

 Dross-The oxidized material that forms at the top of molten solder pots. Material is usually skimmed and collected into shipping containers (contact us for supplies).

 Pot Dumpings-When a solder pot contains a high level of impurities and no longer provides proper solder joints, the contents are replaced with a fresh charge of solder.Solder Reclaim Dross Bucket Image

 Anode Butts-Remnants of the anodes consumed by electroplating processes.

 Precious Metals-Can recover gold and silver in state-of-the-art electrolytic refineries.

 Circuit Boards-Proposed legislation intends to ban disposal of printed circuit boards in landfills. Our reclamation process provides a safe and legal program for gold-bearing and solder-masked copper boards. Circuit boards are more costly to recycle; however, precious metal bearing circuit boards often yield a high return.

 Other items include radiator drips, lead scrap and other alloys (tin/bismuth, lead/bismuth).

We can provide containers for the collection and shipping of your reclaimable scrap metals. Samples can be sent for a metal assay with prompt results and quotes.


How to Ship Solder Reclaim

To be sure your material reaches us safely and to avoid any delay in handling, the following steps should be used for shipment of solder reclaim.

1. Carefully pack, shrink wrap and seal all shipments. To ensure you receive the maximum value for your scrap, it should be segregated by material type.

2. Contact Technimark directly for a purchase order number. You will need to know the type of material (i.e. Sn/Pb paste, Sn/Pb Dross, Lead Free Dross, etc.) and the approximate weight of each item.We will send you a hard copy of a purchase order for your records. Pricing is based on the day's metal market and indicated on the purchase order.Reclaim envelopes image

3. Mark the purchase order number on the materials that are on the skid. We provide stickers (Blue for Sn/Pb and Green for Pb Free) that have a place to write in the purchase order number.  This is critical and allows us to identify your material upon receipt at the plant.

4. Call our carrier (Technimark will give you this information) and schedule a date and pick up time that suits your needs. We pay freight for a minimum quantity of 500 lbs. The carrier we specify MUST be used for us to pre-pay the freight.


Contact us at 847.639.4700 or email us at reclaim@technimark-inc.com  to get started. We will send you "no-charge" dross buckets and shipping labels.






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